Different Types of Vaginismus

Vaginismus is the medical condition related to painful vaginal contractions in women when vaginal penetration is attempted.The causes for these vaginal contractions are still largely unknown, but these are now curable, and you can seek the help of a medical professional to get them treated. Doctors believe that vaginismus are caused because of the psychological factors which keep a woman Save from vaginal penetration.

In this article, we will discuss different types of vaginismus, and how this medical condition can be treated (vaginismus treatment).


If you are feared of getting in a penetration sex just because you have never gotten through this condition before, then the fear and anxiety means that you are suffering from primary vaginismus.

Primary vaginismus can be caused by various religious beliefs and because of the myths related to sexuality. These beliefs Can Cause strong contractions of the pelvis floor when an attempt to penetrate the vagina is made.

Certain conflicts and psychological factors can also cause vaginismus by causing anxiety and stress. These things affect your body severely, and can this cause this painful condition.

Being a victim of sexual abuse, or listening many stories of sexual abuse in your childhood can prevent you from enjoying sec, and can cause vaginismus.


If you used to enjoy sexual intercourse in the past, but can’t enjoy it now, then you might be suffering from secondary vaginismus. This can be caused by going through anxiety and other experiences which can make you run away from vaginal penetration and sex. This can be due to a forced sex and various other changes in your life.

Stress and anxiety can cause you to lose control of your vaginal muscles, and you won’t be able to enjoy sexual intercourse with your partner because of this.