Improve your ideas with patent rights.

The legal rights provided to an inventor will prevent other businesses or individuals from profiting from their creation. Also, patents are given to an inventor to sell or produce their ideas within a given duration of time. During this period, an inventor is protected from other companies or individuals producing or selling their products. Despite the right to produce, a patent holder can also license the idea of another company to produce the products under licensing agreement. The patent holder will have the right to control their product manufacture, usage, and exchange for disclosing the details of the products. A patent law firm controls all the regulations under the guidelines given.

Types of patents:

Usually, the U.S issues two types of patents:

  1. Utility patent: utility patent protects the way an invention works and lasts for around 20 years, and covers five categories such as:
  • The process is like computer algorithms.
  • Machines used to make something
  • The specific item being manufactured
  • Existing ideas improvement
  • Composition of matter
  1. Design patents: design patents protect an invention’s appearance.

Patent Attorneys

Advantages of patents:

  1. A patent holder can charge for an invention since it is of restricted competition. No one else makes similar products.
  2. The holder can exclude competition for recreating the services or products so that they can sell the service or products for a higher profit margin.
  3. The patent holder will get a legal monopoly for selling, making, using, importing, distributing, or exporting their creation within the given period.

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